WeCare WC Lands in People’s Square

On the edge of the world-famous People’s Square in the very heart of Shanghai lies the latest WeCare WC creation. Staged in the historical public restroom at No. 10 Wusheng Road (built in 1957), the project is a gorgeous retrofit of the pre-existing facilities; including an Accessible Room on the first floor and a Nursing Room on the second floor.

The design of these facilities carefully fuses WeCare WC’s classic, sleek and intuitive aesthetics with elements of traditional Chinese culture and modern, cosmopolitan Shanghai. It is a place where over 3,000 locals and tourists daily will gain an even greater appreciation for the city and China just by stopping in to use the facilities and toilets.

So the next time you are passing through Shanghai’s busiest hub, People’s Square, make sure to check out the latest by WeCare WC. We guarantee you will leave feeling appreciated and fall in love with Shanghai even more.

Location: No. 10 Wusheng Road, near People’s Square, Huangpu District