A WeCare WC Dedicated to All The Mamas

Mothers are the root of all success and prosperity in the world. All good leaders, thinkers, and globe-changers get their initial start and motivation from their mothers’ education, encouragement and love. To celebrate everything that they do for us, Shanghai ICC and WeCare WC teamed up to create Shanghai’s first Mom’s Room.

Some of the globe’s leading organizations including UNICEF, ACWF and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation urge moms to breast feed for at least 3-6 months. With shorter maternity leaves in China, moms returning to work are faced with the problem of not having a comfortable or hygienic place to breast pump.

The ICC x WeCare WC Mom’s Room was conceived to solve this dilemma. Designed with utmost comfort and privacy in mind, moms will feel cared for from the moment they enter. Joined by a common corridor, moms can enter one of two private breast pumping rooms using a custom key card. Each room features tailor-made wallpaper with simple, but elegant flower patterns, plush Swedish-made carpet, a sleek one-piece Corian counter with a wash basin, a full length mirror along with a grandiose beauty mirror, an Ellai tap, comfortable nursing armchairs and side table, and bottle disinfectant. Moms can pump in peace while taking in the serene atmosphere around them.

After pumping, the corridor leading out is lined with lockers secured with password-locks for moms to store their breast pumping machine and other equipment along with a freezer for storing milk.

“It has been an absolute pleasure collaborating with ICC on this revolutionary facility,” Co-founder Wendy Krueger mentioned, “This is our very first Mom’s Room for an office building and the ICC PM Team have set a noteworthy standard for how to take care of tenants.” With more and more women taking on the challenges of balancing both motherhood and careers, let’s celebrate and make Mom’s Rooms the new normal!