WeCare WC Goes Portable!

Imagine a city where futuristic, spotless, and ample public restrooms dot the sidewalks. Nobody has to frantically search for a place to do their business or pay a shop some money to use its mediocre restroom, because most corners have a top-notch public restroom ready for use. The population’s basic need and right of using the restroom is 100% fulfilled…

In many places, this may sound like a far away dream, but WeCare WC’s latest project is quickly turning this into a not-so-far-off reality. Introducing WeCare WC’s very first portable container model.

Crafted out of the shell of an empty shipping container, this public restroom puts an ingenious spin on portable restroom solutions while still brandishing all of WeCare WC’s usual sleek and intuitive design elements. Alongside its gorgeous aesthetics, this container model brings with it notable other benefits; including flexibility of use and scalability. Whether a sold-out concert venue needs a temporary solution or a gas station needs a quick and more permanent option, WeCare WC’s container model fills plenty of gaps in the market as it can be placed seamlessly in many different scenarios. Because of the streamlined design and materials to make the container models, the restroom can also be quickly re-produced and used in a multitude of locations; cutting the resources and time needed to produce top-quality restrooms.

This is a defining moment for WeCare WC and with the introduction of this model, its ability to scale up and become the face of global public restroom and facility transformation is more than achievable. The days of struggling to find a place to use the restroom are nearly over thanks to WeCare WC and its constant innovation.